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The increasingly extensive cultivation of highly productive varieties of wheat and the use of mechanical harvesting and thrashing methods are factors that determine a reduction in enzyme loads (diastase and protease).

High amylase counts (falling number, Brabender, Hagberg etc.) indicate a lack of diastase enzyme activity.

The addition of an adequate dose of malt permits the flour to be corrected within the standards of optimum baking requirements.
For more than 50 years we have been producing malt flour and have dominated the Italian market as leader in the sector.

Legislative Decree dated 6 April 1998 n. 172 of the Ministry for Health provides for the direct use of malt in flour. Our laboratory is available for any specific analyses. Personalized packaging for wholesalers and retailers

High diastasic wheat flour malt (>1500 Pollack Units about 500-600 Windish-Kolbach)
High distasic barley flour malt (>1500 P.U.)
Caramel barley flour malt (natural colouring for bread-making)
Roasted black barley flour malt (natural colouring for bread-making)