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  Toasted soy gritz

  Pearl rye

  Wholemeal soy flour

  Pearl barley

  Oat flakes

  Raw or precooked fine yellow maize meal

  Oatmeal from flakes

  Extra fine yellow maize meal for baking

  Barley flakes

  Supreme white or yellow maize meal for polenta,   also in vacuum pack.

  Barley meal from flakes

  Wheat spelt meal

  Durum wheat reduced semolina for baking

  Wheat spelt flakes

  Sesame seed, linseed, poppy seed, kummel seed,   sunflower seed.

  Wheat flakes

  Rice flour and semolina, Buckwheat meal,   wholemeal and grits, Kamut meal also available on   request.

  Rye flour typo 1150

  Rye Wholemeal


  Rye flakes